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August 2018

“A Shining Witness for Jesus”

Acts 6:8-15, Duration 33:59

“A Shining Witness For Jesus”

8/12/18, Acts 6:8-15, Duration: 33:59

The Two Humanities and Two Ends

Scripture: Psalm 1 Duration: 34:03

July 2018

A Prayer for the Church

Scripture: Ephesians: 3:14-21 Duration: 28:01

The Origin of the Church’s Deacons

Scripture: Acts 6:1-7 Duration: 35:29

The Next Wave of Persecution

Scripture: Acts 5:17-42 Duration: 38:30

The Ministry of Healing

Scripture: Acts 5:12-16 Duration: 40:34 Sermon starts at 10:45

Death in the Church

Scripture: Acts 5:1-11 Duration: 33:50

June 2018

Three Marks of the Spirit Filled Church

Scripture: Acts 4:32-37 Duration: 32:40

The Persecuted Church

Scripture: Acts 4:1-22 Duration: 37:20