Conversations with Coffee

On Monday January 20th at 7:00 p.m. at MoCo we shall begin a series of conversations with coffee. The format will be an interview with a guest followed by questions from the audience. Our first conversation will be with Dr. Murat Tanyel. We will talk about how Murat came to faith in Jesus, how his life has and is being transformed by Christ’s Spirit and Word. As well we want to hear of his desire to share the gospel with others raised in an Islamic background. On Monday February 17th we will have a conversation with Dr. Dean Smith. He is the former Chairman of the Bible Department at Geneva College.  We will talk with Dean about the Holy Spirit’s wonderful ministry in
Scotland’s Presbyterian Churches. Pastor Dodds is already starting to plan for other conversations. Please pray for these community events.  Bring your non-church going friend to them. The coffee and refreshments are free at these events.