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February 2016

Jesus’ Cross Sanctifies Us

Scripture: Hebrews 10:11-18
Duration: 34:41

Jesus’ Cross Justifies Us

Scripture: Romans 3:25
Duration: 15:46

January 2016

Worthy is the Lamb

Scripture: Revelation 5:11-12
Duration: 20:20

The Lamb Who Was Slain

Scripture: Revelation 5:6-10
Duration: 27:08

You are Worthy, Our Lord and God

Scripture: Revelation 4:9-11
Duration: 19:46

Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord God Almighty

Scripture: Revelation 4:8
Duration: 24:20

Understanding Jesus’ Mission

Scripture: Isaiah 61:1-3
Duration: 33:27

December 2015

Imago Dei

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-27
Duration: 34:27

What If We Let Jesus Bring Us His Peace

Scripture: Isaiah 9:6
Duration: 19:36

What If We Let Jesus Be Our Parent

Scripture: Isaiah 9:6
Duration: 32:05