The Session is the ruling board of the church. An elder should be mature in the faith, exhibit certain characteristics of life, sound in the faith.  Wise in the things of God and discreet in all things, have adequate training to equip them for their calling.  Session members are elected once a year and serve for three years. Session meets every 3rd  Tuesday of the month.  A joint board meeting is held every three months.  All boards answer to the session.
Who are our Session?
Session: Front- left to right, Cindy McCullough, Patty Andrews, Russell Ponziani, Angelo Sun. Back- left to right. Glenn Leslie, Tim Kissling, Janice Grim, clerk of session, Diane Laughner, Murat Tanyal, Pastor Jerry Dodds.
Session Committees:
Christian Education: Andy Young
Membership/Evangelism: Don Gwin (Chairperson) Patty Andrews
Mission: Glenn Leslie (Chairperson) Rusty George
Nominating: Murat Tanyel
Personnel: Russ Ponziani
Safety: Russ Ponziani
Worship: Diane Laughner
Building: Jim Bredl