At the recent meeting of the Building Committee, final selections from our stained glass windows were made for reuse in our new building.  The remainder are available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a window, a display of photos of those remaining is in the overflow room and can soon be seen on Bethel’s Facebook page. Details and process to purchase will be printed soon.

Reunion Celebration to Come…

We are in the very early stages of planning some special events for the final days of the current building. We want to honor the history that has happened within these walls. It has been the backdrop for so many important anchor points in our lives and the lives of those who went before us. Let’s have a celebration and invite people who have been a part of Bethel over the years to join us. What we are looking for now is a team to make this happen. Please consider how you can help. Contact Brenda Brown or Beth Kissling. SOON.